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Climb the Wall with the BCSRT!

The BC Lung Association’s 18th Annual Climb the Wall event is coming up on February 24th.

This year, there is a new addition to the event: BC Lung Health Community Member category. Core to that community are Respiratory Therapists.

Come and join our RT team!
Click here to join the BC Society of Respiratory Therapists team.

Registration is FREE for RTs with the promo code lunghealth2019.

Climb the wall for Clean Air; raise awareness, be active, and promote a good cause.

When: Sunday, February 24th starting at about 8:30.
Where: The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel, 1088 Burrard Street.
What: Climb 48 stories up to the top. The average climb is 10-15 minutes.

Come and enjoy a workout, brunch, and some unique Sunday morning fun!

Family members and children are welcome to come for free, enjoy brunch and cheerlead

For more information, visit:
To donate to our team, visit the BCSRT team page.

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Statement on Yardstick Response to the Cancellation of the July 9, 2018 CBRC examination


As we approach the end of the clinical year for respiratory therapy students, the British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists and the Respiratory Therapy Leaders of British Columbia want to briefly revisit the events of last year’s CBRC July exam. In July of 2018 many BCSRT student members were impacted by the CBRC unplanned exam cancellation and re-write due to a third party system failure.
Stated thru CSRT communication: “officials at Yardstick Assessment Strategies (Yardstick) indicated that they will be reimbursing only a portion of the original full examination fee to those who attempted to write the exam on July 9, 2018. That communication indicated that Yardstick had hoped to refund the entire exam fee, but since the remaining portion of this fee is money that we collect and remit for others, we are not able to refund those amounts – as had been promised in an earlier communication to exam writers.”
The British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists and the Respiratory Therapy Leaders of British Columbia are in agreement with the CSRT position recognizing the impact of costs and emotional hardships that the technical failure and exam cancellation. This impacted many of the BCSRT members and that it was highly recommended that the initial commitment of reimbursement and cost covering be considered.

On behalf of the BCSRT and RTLBC,
Mike MacAulay (BCSRT President)
Tracey Miller (RTLBC Chair)

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Here is a bit of an update on the continued work by the BCSRT and RTLBC in regards to the proposed bargaining settlement being presented by HSA. To date, we have had two discussions with the lawyer focused around some of the options open to us in regards to reclassification. Specifically, we have discussed a section 12 complaint with the BC Labour Relations Board and/or the pursuit of different union representation. In addition, we are looking at article 11 of the HSPBA/HEABC provincial agreement. These discussions around our options will continue beyond the ratification vote and we will aim to have another conversation with the union in February with the assistance of the lawyer.

We had an opportunity to have some of the concerns around the vote raised with Val Avery (president HSA). Namely:

Why are there more voting dates being added at this late date? Is this as a result of poor turn-out provincially other than by those groups that are not in support of the proposal?

Answer: The Union had originally planned to only have polling stations located off of hospital sites so that members of the bargaining committee could be present to answer questions from the membership. It became clear that this was making it difficult for our members to make it out to vote, so we have added more options. We have no ability to know what the voter turn-out has been because of all of the mail-in packages that have been requested.

Were there more voting dates added because the union knows that the vote is not going the way they would like?

Answer: None of the voting ballot boxes are opened until Feb 2019, so we are unable to know how the vote is going.

We would encourage the RT’s in the province to continue to lobby with their local MLA’s. Please attend wherever possible union conventions and submit resolutions for consideration. We do not want to lose this momentum. HSA is definitely aware that we are unhappy with the proposed settlement and that we do not feel that we are being heard or recognized for the role that we play.

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