Regulatory College of Allied Health and Care Professionals

Regulatory College of Allied Health and Care Professionals Update!

BC Ministry of Health Releases ``Recommendations to Modernize Regulatory Framework`` August 2020

Timeline of Events - Regulatory College Process and Updates 2018-2020

Cayton Report

Early 2019- Our Regulatory College papers had been signed when the Cayton Report was released, leading to a temporary moratorium on all new colleges in BC

BC Ministry of Health Update November/ December 2019

In Response to the findings of the Cayton Report the ``Modernizing the Provincial Health Regulatory Framework`` Consultation Paper is released.
The Consultation paper contained a number of questions and asked for input from BC residents.

BCSRT Update

November 2019: BCSRT seeks clarification of the questions for consultation and notifies membership of upcoming meeting with BC Ministry of Health

BCSRT/RTLBC Update and Call for Membership Participation in Ministry of Health Consultation Process

December 2019- BCSRT and RT Leaders of BC provide an update and guidance after meeting with the Ministry of Health