The RT Profession

The RT Profession

Respiratory Therapists (RTs) comprise a unique paramedical profession. Working as vital members of the health care team, RTs provide a wide variety of therapeutic patient care, diagnostic, technical, educational, research, administrative and medical sales services.

RTs assist on the front lines in the fight against lung disease by:

  • Applying life-sustaining technology to critically ill patients of all ages in emergency rooms and intensive care units
  • Assisting physicians in the diagnosis of lung disease through lung function testing, invasive and non-invasive cardio-pulmonary monitoring techniques, and bronchosopic examination of the lungs by direct visualization
  • Treating hospitalized patients with medications and therapeutic techniques as ordered by the physician
  • Assisting Anesthetists in the operating room
  • Following up the care of patients in the home care and primary care setting
  • Participating in health care research

RTs also promote wellness in several ways, amongst them:

  • Patient education programs (e.g.) asthma education and asthma camps for kids
  • Chronic lung disease (COPD) Rehabilitation programs
  • Smoking cessation and prevention programs