Modernizing the Provincial Health Profession Regulatory Framework

November 28, 2019

Dear BCSRT Members,

Re: Modernizing the provincial health profession regulatory framework

The Ministry of Health’s steering committee on Modernization of Health Professional Regulation has released their paper for consultation titled “Modernizing the provincial health profession regulatory framework”. This paper will impact our proposed regulatory college as well as most other regulatory colleges in British Columbia. Link to the paper for consultation:

The Ministry of Health kindly met with our proposed regulatory college task force at the beginning of this week. This meeting was before the Ministry’s steering committee released their paper for consultation. With the paper now fully released, our next steps are:

1. Review in detail the paper for consultation.
2. Prepare questions for our next meeting with the Ministry.
3. Meet with the Ministry the beginning of next week. This meeting has already been setup.
4. Distribute to the BCSRT members any new information or clarify information. Please continue to watch our website and various social media platforms.


M MacAulay

Modernizing the provincial health profession regulatory framework 2019-11-28