2020 Roadshow Updates

April 26, 2020

Dear BCSRT members

Re: 2020 BCSRT Roadshows


As British Columbia and the World continue to face significant health risks associated with mass gatherings, the BCSRT has decided to cancel both the June 5th Victoria Roadshow and the September 10th & 11th Roadshow. We believe that holding a roadshow at this time would put respiratory therapist’s health at risk and potentially decrease our professions numbers when we are needed the most.

The November 6th lower mainland roadshow and annual general meeting is still slated to go ahead. We will continue to monitor the safety of hosting a roadshow in November, if necessary we will adjust.

November’s roadshow is a fantastic opportunity to present new learnings and sharing your knowledge. The roadshows can also help you prepare for speaking at larger conferences like the CSRT. If you are interested in presenting at a BCSRT roadshow, apply at https://bcsrt.com/bcsrt-roadshow-call-for-presenters/ .



British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists Board of Directors

Mike MacAulay, President                                  Alexa McMillan, Director of Student Relations

Tina Hsu, Director of Education                            Danielle McDonagh, Director of Community

Sapan Behar Director of Finance                         Zac Hilberry, Director of Member Relations

Hardip Kolar, Roadshow Coordinator


2020 BCSRT Roadshow Update PDF