HSA Vote and Action Update

By now, most of you will be aware of the 82% “yes” vote of approval to ratify the HSA/HEABC bargaining proposal. Although this was a disappointing (though expected) outcome, we continue to press forward in our pursuit of a more representative wage scale for the RT’s of BC. We had a chance today to touch base with the lawyer in regards to next steps. We are hoping to arrange a discussion with Val Avery and the union over the next few weeks with the guidance of our lawyer. We are looking for clarification on several points around classification and wage scales, including the option of an Article 11 grievance.
In addition, although we have been counselled that a Section 12 complaint with the Labour Relations Board may be difficult to win, some information has recently come to light that has made us reconsider the option of pursing a Section 12.
Mike MacAulay (BCSRT President)
Tracey Miller (RTLBC Chair)