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Student Membership Requirements

An applicant for Student Membership must satisfy the following qualifications:

  1. Enrolled at a college or university in British Columbia in a program leading to certification by the CBRC.
  2. Enrolled at a college or university outside British Columbia in a program recognized by the Board and leading to certification by the CBRC.

Please note: You can no longer apply for a student membership once graduated from an accredited respiratory therapy program. You will then apply for an active membership.

Register for a BCSRT student membership

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Student Membership Dues

A student membership is a one-time fee of $30 that gives you a BCSRT student membership for the program duration. Once graduated you will then have to apply for an active membership to maintain your BCSRT membership.

Part of your student membership fee helps fund the Thompson Rivers University Graduation awards and banquet.

Student Membership Benefits

Access to BCSRT funding for educational events and grants.

Starting your membership early allows you to becoming a member in good standing. Once a member in good standing (having a BCSRT membership for > 2 years) you will be able to apply for educational and research grants.

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