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Statement on Yardstick Response to the Cancellation of the July 9, 2018 CBRC examination


As we approach the end of the clinical year for respiratory therapy students, the British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists and the Respiratory Therapy Leaders of British Columbia want to briefly revisit the events of last year’s CBRC July exam. In July of 2018 many BCSRT student members were impacted by the CBRC unplanned exam cancellation and re-write due to a third party system failure.
Stated thru CSRT communication: “officials at Yardstick Assessment Strategies (Yardstick) indicated that they will be reimbursing only a portion of the original full examination fee to those who attempted to write the exam on July 9, 2018. That communication indicated that Yardstick had hoped to refund the entire exam fee, but since the remaining portion of this fee is money that we collect and remit for others, we are not able to refund those amounts – as had been promised in an earlier communication to exam writers.”
The British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists and the Respiratory Therapy Leaders of British Columbia are in agreement with the CSRT position recognizing the impact of costs and emotional hardships that the technical failure and exam cancellation. This impacted many of the BCSRT members and that it was highly recommended that the initial commitment of reimbursement and cost covering be considered.

On behalf of the BCSRT and RTLBC,
Mike MacAulay (BCSRT President)
Tracey Miller (RTLBC Chair)

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RESPTREC – Professional Education for Respiratory Therapists in BC

RESPTREC® ( is the leading continuing education endorsed program which
offers courses geared to all health care professionals who are involved in chronic disease
management, and is highly applicable to the respiratory therapy portfolio. RESPTREC®
courses eligible for CSRT Continuing Education Credits are offered in COPD, Asthma,
and Education for Chronic Disease.

RESPTREC® is the only program which has been reviewed and endorsed by:

  • The Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists
  • The Lung Association
  • The Canadian Thoracic Society
  • The Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals
  • The Family Physicians Airway Group of Canada

Development of the RESPTREC® courses has included expert representatives from all
disciplines. The courses are robust, comprehensive, and align with current practice guidelines.

Our courses are also approved by The Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC) as pre-
requisite courses for the national certification exam.

RESPTREC® is an important resource for building and enhancing competencies, skills and
knowledge towards becoming effective educators and valued members of an integrated
environment of chronic disease management care. Our continuing education opportunities
provide RESPTREC® students with lifelong mentorship and learning! Students can also enjoy
the benefits of our Professional Education Portal, which includes access to many continuing
education updates, articles and videos.


COPD course – 50 CE credits
Asthma course – 45 CE credits
Education for Chronic Disease course – 45 CE credits


All of our courses consist of specific components which must be fulfilled in order to receive a
diploma for successful completion. We are excited to launch two streams of learning to best
suit your continuing education needs:

Combined Online + Workshop Courses

Want a ‘premium’ learning experience? Our RESPTREC® combined online + workshop courses
provide just that, whether you are wishing to enhance your field of practice or are on the path to
becoming a certified respiratory educator. Study independently and then participate in a
workshop which allows for engagement, networking, mentorship, practice, and sharing

This combination of online learning with a hands-on workshop setting will position you for
excellence in your field of practice! Choose a workshop date from our calendar of courses:

Online-Only Courses

We recognize that there are health care professionals that wish to enhance their learning, but
are limited geographically in this vast country of ours. To better serve you, we have created a
series of online-only courses which reflect all of the required learning objectives for each
program. If you are self-motivated and have limited opportunity to attend a workshop, our
online-only offerings can work for you. It’s convenient, accessible from many devices, and is

The first to launch in this series are the new IPF Course and our COPD Course. Watch for the
Asthma Course to follow this fall!

Visit our website to register and explore RESPTREC® further. If you have
questions, please contact:

Lori Kleiboer, Program Manager, Professional Education
Community Care
RESPTREC® / Lung Association, Saskatchewan
1231 – 8th Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7H 0S5

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