Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Message from the Board of Directors

The BCSRT Board of Directors would like to personally thank-you for all your hard work advocating for our profession as a Respiratory Therapist. We feel it is important to recognize our past achievements as a profession and we look forward to continuing to be the leaders in the promotion of health and the delivery of quality respiratory care.

It is always interesting to remember our history as a profession. The BCSRT was formed in 1964, as the Canadian Society of Inhalation Therapy Technicians, BC Division. It changed its name in 1968 to the BC Society of Respiratory Technicians, in 1977, to the BC Society of Respiratory Technologists, and finally to the BC Society of Respiratory Therapists in 1983, when it was incorporated under the BC Society Act.

It has been over 20 years,since we changed our name from Respiratory Technologist to Respiratory Therapist, but we know first-hand how important technology has positively impacted the care we provide to our patients. It is wonderful to witness our profession growing quickly into all areas of practice, and we must thank-you for making our dreams become a reality! Thank-you from the BCSRT Board of Directors!

Our Vision

The BCSRT is the provincial professional association of Respiratory Therapists, with the purposes of:

  • Promote the role of Registered Respiratory Therapists (RTs) and represent the interests of the occupation of Respiratory Therapy.
  • Encourage and develop professional programs through the continuum of education in respiratory care.
  • Promote best practices within the profession and in collaboration with other health care disciplines.
  • Engage in professional partnerships with national professional associations and regulators.
  • Ensure that members of the Society abide by the BCSRT Code of Ethics, the BCSRT Standards for Professional Conduct, and the BCSRT Standards of Practice.
  • Continuously review and revise the standards of practice for Respiratory Therapy as the profession of health care evolves.

Kuljit Minhas



Kuljit graduated from TRU in 2006 and is currently a Respiratory Therapist at Royal Columbian Hospital and Abbotsford Regional Hospital. He also completed a BSc. in 2003 at TRU. He has been a Clinical Educator at RCH since 2012.

Fun facts about Kuljit:

  1. Loves chocolate and hopes to open a Willy Wonka chocolate factory someday.
  2. Black belt in Jiu Jitsu.

Kiran Rai

Director of Member Relations


Kiran graduated from SFU in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. After this, she went on to complete the Respiratory Therapy program at TRU and graduated in 2010. Kiran started her career at Surrey Memorial Hospital and has continued to work there ever since. She has held positions as a bedside RT, Core NICU RT for 2 years and is currently the Clinical Site Coordinator for the student RTs at SMH.

Fun facts about Kiran:

  1. I love to knit!
  2. Proud mommy of a beautiful 1 year-old baby girl.

Hardip Kolar

Director of Finances


Hardip graduated from TRU in 2007 and is currently a Respiratory Therapist at Royal Columbian Hospital and Richmond Hospital. He has previously been Clinical Site Coordinator at RCH for TRU Respiratory Therapy students, and is currently a Clinical Educator at RCH since 2015.

Fun facts about Hardip:

  1. Enjoys playing sports
  2. Looks like papa smurf (minus the white beard)

Kiran Dhillon

Director at Large


Kiran graduated from TRU in 2009, and has been working as a RT at Surrey Memorial Hospital for eight years. She has been on the BCSRT board for over four years, previously holding two consecutive terms of the Director of Finance position, and currently holds the Director at Large position.
2 fun facts.

Fun facts about Kiran:

  1. Loves to travel.
  2. Favourite food is sushi.

Mike MacAulay

Director at Large


Graduated from UCC/TRU in 1996 then I moved to the USA for 15 years. While in the states I worked  in hospitals ranging from 50 – 550 beds, experiencing NICUs, PICUs, and the full range of adult ICUs. In 2011 we moved to Vernon and assumed the role of PPL for a super fantastic department.

Fun facts about Mike:

  1. I love getting outside for any reason on warm sunny days.
  2. I also like relaxing with a good novel (and a cold beer).

Lauren Gilowski

Director of Student Relations


Lauren completed a B.Sc. in Biology at UBCO in 2011 and then graduated from TRU in 2014 and has been a Respiratory Therapist at Vancouver General Hospital ever since. She loves working at a teaching hospital and having the opportunity to preceptor and work with the next generation of RT’s.

Fun things about Lauren:

  1. Road trips.
  2. Chocolate.