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Summary of HSA 2019 – 2022 Contract Options for Respiratory Therapists

In December of 2018 HSA released the “Report to members on the proposed terms of settlement” for the April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022 tentative collective agreement. When this report was released, many Respiratory Therapists throughout BC were surprised and frustrated and unrecognized.

To help sort thru our members’ current and future options the British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists (BCSRT) in conjunction with the Respiratory Therapist Leaders of British Columbia (RTLBC) asked the membership for the approval to retain a lawyer who specializes in labour and employment issues.

Statement on Yardstick Response to the Cancellation of the July 9, 2018 CBRC examination

The British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists and the Respiratory Therapy Leaders of British Columbia are in agreement with the CSRT position recognizing the impact of costs and emotional hardships that the technical failure and exam cancellation. This impacted many of the BCSRT members and that it was highly recommended that the initial commitment of reimbursement and cost covering be considered.