BCSRT Day Kelowna – Friday, April 8th

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The BCSRT BOD is bringing the education to you within the different Health Authorities. In the current climate, the available funding for travel and education has diminished. As a result the BCSRT BOD wants to make your membership dues work for you. Over the next 6 months the BCSRT will contact the leads in each Health Authority and assemble an education day along with a BCSRT update. BCSRT Day is in Kelowna on Friday April 8th.
Attention: Any department in the province can link into the Kelowna Education day. Just follow the below instructions.
Through your local IMIT person provide Quinn Weber the following information (QuinnQuinn.Weber@interiorhealth.ca):

  • room name/number (ie. Kamloops-RIH-Mobile VC unit)
  • room alias (xxxxx@iha.ca) (ie. Our mobile unit has an alias of 772009)
  • IP address (ie.
  • contact details of someone IT can call in the event their technician needs to troubleshoot any connection issues with them (ie. Don Johnson, 250-314-2100 Ext 3233)

Education Agenda:
0800-0900 Esophageal balloon Jason Zurba
0900-0930 Coffee
0930-1030 ARDS Kuljit Minhas and Hardip Kolar
1030- 1130 Neonatal ventilation Gary Stacey
1130-1200 Hands-on work shop Jason/Gary/Hardip/Kuljit
1200-1300 BCSRT Update / Lunch