BCSRT Constitution and Bylaws

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1. The name of the Society is the “British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists” (BCSRT).
2. The purposes of the Society are to:
a) promote and advance the interests of the respiratory therapists and the profession of respiratory therapy in British Columbia,
b) provide programs and services to the respiratory therapists and the profession of respiratory therapists in British Columbia,

c) represent the respiratory therapists and the profession of respiratory therapists in British Columbia to the public, governments, news media, educational institutions, other health care professions, and the health care industry,
d) develop and promote a voluntary code of ethics for members,
e) co-operate with governments, individuals, corporations, associations and others in furtherance of these purposes,
f) solicit, collect, receive, acquire, hold and invest money and property, both real and personal, received by gift, contribution, bequest devised, or otherwise, sell and convert property, both real and personal, into cash, and use the funds of the Society and the proceeds, income, and rents derived from any property of the Society in furtherance of the purposes set out above,
g) purchase, lease, sell or hold such property, equipment and materials as are deemed necessary to accomplish the Society’s purposes, and
h) do all such things as may be necessary and conducive to the attainment of these purposes.
3. The operations and affairs of the Society shall be conducted without purpose of financial gain for its members. Any profits or other accretions to the Society shall be exclusively used for advancing its purposes. This provision is unalterable.
4. Should the Society be disbanded or dissolved, its assets remaining after payment of all debts and liabilities shall be paid over and transferred to an organization having objectives similar to those of the Society, or to a charitable organization in the Province or elsewhere in Canada as may be directed by resolution of the members. This provision is alterable.