TRU Graduate Readiness Study – Survey Information Letter

Study title: Fostering Improvement in Thompson Rivers University Respiratory Therapy Graduate’s Readiness for Community Settings.

My name is Cael Field and this research project is part of the requirement for a Masters of Leadership, Health Focus degree at Royal Roads University. My credentials with Royal Roads University can be established by contacting Dr. Catherine Etmanski, Director, School of Leadership Studies: or 250-391-2600 ext. 4162.

Purpose of the study and sponsoring organization
The purpose of my research project is to support the Thompsons Rivers University (TRU) Respiratory Therapy (RT) department’s efforts to improve graduates’ readiness to work in community settings. This study will look at what is currently being done, what is working well, and what can be improved on when it comes to RT graduates readiness to work in community settings.

Your participation and how information will be collected
You are asked to participate in an online survey that is anticipated to take about 5-10 minutes of your time. The anticipated questions include:

  • Which of the following best describes your current role and work setting?
  • Which of the following would you identify as an RT who works in a Community setting?
  • If comparing a Community setting to an Acute care setting, what is your opinion on which setting may have greater challenges, such as technical or problem solving.
  • Are you a recent graduate of the TRU RT program?

Opinions from all levels of experience and wanted and valued.

Benefits and risks to participation
The argument that healthcare in Canada needs to move outside of hospital walls is growing, and is a future the RT profession should be prepared for. This research intends to provide recommendations on how TRU can do this. Your participation will help ensure recommendations accurately reflect the currently practices and realities of working in BC. Benefits of this research may not be realized until years later, and may improve how the TRU RT department designs its curriculum and the readiness of RT graduates to work in different settings. It is anticipated this survey will pose minimal risk to you. Participation will be completely anonymous.

Confidentiality, security of data, and retention period
I will work to protect your privacy throughout this study. All information collected will be maintained in confidence. Electronic data will be stored on a password protected computer on my home computer. At no time will any comment be attributed to any individual. All documentation will be kept strictly confidential. Raw data will be kept until the final report has been submitted and accepted; the anticipated date for this is September, 2018. All data will be destroyed by September, 2019. Due to the anonymous nature of the survey, if you choose to withdraw I will not be able to remove your submission. If you partially complete the survey and withdraw, your responses will be saved and I will be unable to remove them.

Real or Perceived Conflict of Interest
You may be aware that I previously worked as a Clinical Site Coordinator (CSC) at Vancouver General Hospital for the TRU RT program. As of October 5th, 2017, I am no longer a CSC or receive compensation of any kind from TRU. I will not receive any direct financial or professional reward from TRU through conducting this research. In addition, my spouse, who is currently working as a CSC with the TRU RT program, has no involvement with this research and at no time will be asked to participate or have access to results. I disclose this information so that you are able to make a fully informed decision on whether or not you wish to participate in this study and offer full transparency about any perceived (but not actual) conflicts of interest.

Sharing results
In addition to submitting my final report to Royal Roads University in partial fulfillment for a Masters in Leadership, Health Focus, I will also be sharing my research findings with the TRU RT department. Overall findings may be published in journals and used in conference presentations. In consultation with the project sponsor, as much of the final report and survey results will be made electronically available for you to review.

Procedure for withdrawing from the study
Due to the anonymous nature of the survey, once completed I will not be able to remove your submission. You are not required to participate in this research project. By clicking the accept button below you indicate you have read and understand the information above, and give free and informed consent to participate in this project.

To continue to the survey please click the link found in the survey email invitation

Researcher Contact information:
Cael Field