UBC Workshop: Emotional Intelligence and The Rehabilitation Professional

UBC Rehabilitation Science and RehabEQ Bring You:

We are pleased to invite you to attend the 1-day workshop “Emotional Intelligence and the Rehabilitation Professional” offered with RehabEQ, on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at the UBC Vancouver campus. Building on our 2015 online leadership series, this workshop offers an excellent opportunity for rehabilitation practitioners in all disciplines, at all levels and all areas of practice to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize rehabilitation services in the changing health care landscape.
Workshop facilitator: Jason Giesbrecht, a senior health care leader, Certified EI Practitioner, physical therapist, and Master of Rehabilitation Science instructor.

The 1-day workshop fee includes the ‘EQ Edge’ book, EQ-i 2.0 assessment fees and a confidential pre-workshop review of each participant’s EQ-i 2.0 report (a $250 value).

We welcome your workshop participation. Please visit us to learn more and register.

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Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH returns for second season

It’s back!

Summer hits the emergency room at VGH and the air conditioning is down; an aging population creates unique problems; and Mondays test resource limits! Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH is back with a second season, premiering on BC’s public broadcaster, Knowledge Network, April 12, 2016 at 9 p.m. PT.
After a two-year wait, your colleagues in emergency medicine return at the centre of this unique documentary series featuring the clinicians and staff who support, manage, and work in one of Canada’s busiest emergency departments. Season two of the six part series was again conceived and commissioned by Knowledge Network and produced by Lark Productions. Shot over several months, with unrestricted and unparalleled access to all areas of the Vancouver General Hospital emergency department (ED), the series picks up with returning familiar faces as well as introducing new staff and care providers, and patient stories.

“We originally planned Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH as a single stand-alone documentary series, but soon after broadcasting the first episodes, our viewers let us know they wanted to see more,” says Rudy Buttignol, president and CEO of Knowledge Network Corporation. “This told us just how deeply British Columbians care about the state of health care in our province. Through its privileged access to behind-the-scenes in the emergency room, we hope this second series will continue to be popular with viewers and help create meaningful conversation about the hot button health-care issues of our time.”
The emergency department at VGH is staffed with a talented team of 245 doctors, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, and administrative staff who work together to provide dedicated care for more than 93,000 patient visits every year. This is where patients are often the sickest and at their most vulnerable. Granting unlimited access to film in the ED is not a typical situation, even for the second time around.

“We at VGH were amazed by the show’s popularity and are very proud of our teams and the care we provide. We believe the show plays an important educational role in creating a better understanding about the type of care and operational processes and challenges that occur in emergency departments, so people can feel more at ease and be more understanding should they visit,” says Dr. Chad Kim Sing, head of VGH Emergency Department and UBC Hospital Urgent Care Centre. “Because of this, VGH made a commitment to do a second series, and we hope both the public and the health care community alike will continue to be engaged, work with us to further improve our health care system, and find meaning in the stories they see.”
The interest and support season one of Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH received helped make the premiere episode the most-watched program of its timeslot, topping major network shows. It was also the biggest documentary series premiere in Knowledge Network’s history, breaking audience records throughout its run.

Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH Season 2 is a project all health-care providers in this province will be proud to watch. Tune in again to watch your colleagues in action, and share your comments and stories at knowledge.ca/er.

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BCSRT Day Kelowna – Friday, April 8th

The BCSRT BOD is bringing the education to you within the different Health Authorities. In the current climate, the available funding for travel and education has diminished. As a result the BCSRT BOD wants to make your membership dues work for you. Over the next 6 months the BCSRT will contact the leads in each Health Authority and assemble an education day along with a BCSRT update. BCSRT Day is in Kelowna on Friday April 8th.

Attention: Any department in the province can link into the Kelowna Education day. Just follow the below instructions.

Through your local IMIT person provide Quinn Weber the following information (QuinnQuinn.Weber@interiorhealth.ca):

  • room name/number (ie. Kamloops-RIH-Mobile VC unit)
  • room alias (xxxxx@iha.ca) (ie. Our mobile unit has an alias of 772009)
  • IP address (ie.
  • contact details of someone IT can call in the event their technician needs to troubleshoot any connection issues with them (ie. Don Johnson, 250-314-2100 Ext 3233)

Education Agenda:

0800-0900 Esophageal balloon Jason Zurba
0900-0930 Coffee
0930-1030 ARDS Kuljit Minhas and Hardip Kolar
1030- 1130 Neonatal ventilation Gary Stacey
1130-1200 Hands-on work shop Jason/Gary/Hardip/Kuljit
1200-1300 BCSRT Update / Lunch

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