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Proposed Amendments to Health Professions Designation Regulation

Dear Colleagues,

The Ministry of Health is proposing amendments to the Health Professions Designation Regulation to create a new umbrella college.

The proposed amendments will initially designate four occupations including Clinical Perfusionists, Respiratory Therapists, Radiation Therapists, and Medical Laboratory Technologists as professions under the Health Professions Act.

The notice period that is required by the Health Professions Act before the proposed regulation amendments can be brought into force will begin today December 9, 2016.

Notice is also posted on the Ministry of Health website at:

Comments on these proposed regulation amendments must be submitted no later than March 9, 2017.

Please submit comments by e-mail only to:

Thank you,

Professional Regulation and Oversight Branch Health Sector Workforce Division Ministry of Health
1515 Blanshard Street
Victoria BC

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Making A Difference: More Than Just Respiratory Care!!

Come and check out Making A Difference: More Than Just Respiratory Care by Alisha Nelson at the BCSRT Education Roadshow hosted at the Chan Centre, BC Children’s Hospital!!
Making A Difference: More Than Just Respiratory Care reflects on the role of an RT, not just as part of the interdisciplinary team, but a leader in care and creating a unique patient relationship. It augments what we can truly do for our patients, and not just from an airway perspective. Alisha‘s story is inspiring and will leave you in tears!
Admission to the Education Roadshow is free! Remember to stay for some wine and cheese after the AGM 🙂
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