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BCSRT Day Kelowna – Friday, April 8th

The BCSRT BOD is bringing the education to you within the different Health Authorities. In the current climate, the available funding for travel and education has diminished. As a result the BCSRT BOD wants to make your membership dues work for you. Over the next 6 months the BCSRT will contact the leads in each Health Authority and assemble an education day along with a BCSRT update. BCSRT Day is in Kelowna on Friday April 8th.

Attention: Any department in the province can link into the Kelowna Education day. Just follow the below instructions.

Through your local IMIT person provide Quinn Weber the following information (

  • room name/number (ie. Kamloops-RIH-Mobile VC unit)
  • room alias ( (ie. Our mobile unit has an alias of 772009)
  • IP address (ie.
  • contact details of someone IT can call in the event their technician needs to troubleshoot any connection issues with them (ie. Don Johnson, 250-314-2100 Ext 3233)

Education Agenda:

0800-0900 Esophageal balloon Jason Zurba
0900-0930 Coffee
0930-1030 ARDS Kuljit Minhas and Hardip Kolar
1030- 1130 Neonatal ventilation Gary Stacey
1130-1200 Hands-on work shop Jason/Gary/Hardip/Kuljit
1200-1300 BCSRT Update / Lunch

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BCSRT Roadshow – Kelowna, BC

On April 8, 2016 please join us at Kelowna General Hospital for a BCSRT Update and learn more about Neonatal Ventilation, Esophageal Balloons, Monitoring, and ARDS!

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BCSRT Board of Director Elections 2015

Dear Members of BCSRT,

It is getting close to our fall BCSRT AGM, this has been a very exciting and active year for the current BCSRT BOD. This year there are several positions on the BCSRT BOD that will be vacated 2015 and a call for nominees was sent out in July. This call for nominees was exciting this year with several members putting their name forward for election. I would like to thank these individuals for putting their names forward for election and showing the enthusiasm for the profession.

The 2015 positions up for election are President Elect, Director of Member Relations, Director at Large, and Director of Student Relations. The positions of President Elect and Director of Member Relations are unopposed, unless there are objections, these candidates will be considered elected at the close of the voting period. The positions of Director at Large and Director of Student Relations have 3 candidates running in each category.

Please review the candidates, the on line voting will start on September 5, 2015 and closes on September 16th, 2015. To vote you must be a member in good standing with the BCSRT.

President, BCSRT

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Vote Closed

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